Autotain Joy Black 9 Inch Touch Screen Headrest DVD Player W/ Zipper Cover

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Product Description

Autotain MAGIC SLIVER Digital Touch Screen Headrest DVD Players (GREY COLOR)

One of the amazing feature of our brand new Autotain Magic SILVER digital headrest DVD players is the new addition of the HDMI input port where you can connect your smart phone, tablet, iPod, iPad or iPhone to watch whatever is on your phone or tablet be displayed on the headrest screen.  Now you can play games, watch movies, listen to music, video chat and more.  Because of the wide variety of smart phones and the connection required we don’t offer the cable with this package.  However any common HDMI/USB cable that is designed to fit your phone should work.

The Silver edition also included a convenient touch screen feature to help navigate the menus, select features and adjust settings without the need of the remote control.  Very convenient for little fingers or young kids not yet trained to use a remote control.

Autotain MAGIC SILVER Headrest DVD Player Features:

  • 9” HD new digital TOUCH SCREEN 800×480 resolution (16:9 wide screen)
  • Removable zipper cover offering both convenience when in use and a protected look when not in use
  • HDMI input to connect to your smart phone (cable not included)
  • TF, Micro SD, MMC 3-in-1 card reader (reading up to 32GB)
  • USB port (reading up to 32GB)
  • DIVX support, compatible with DVD,DVD-R,DVD-RW,CD,CDG,MP3,MP4,WMA,JPG,MP5
  • Wireless FM transmitter to listen over car speakers without any wires
  • Wireless IR infrared transmitter (2 channel) for wireless headphones
  • On screen display
  • RCA audio / video input under the seats for concealment and permanent installation
  • RCA audio / video outputs (2 ports) one RCA hidden under the seats, one 3.5mm port on bottom of headrest pillow
  • Powerful built-in speakers with built-in amplifier supporting Surround Sound
  • All in one wireless remote control for both DVD control and video game play
  • Additional wireless game controller for player 2
  • 32bit and 8 bit video games with 2,300 games on the included disc
  • Additional built-in heat resistance for mother board circuits and the main body

Autotain MAGIC SILVER Headrest DVD Player Package:

  • 2 matching headrest DVD players with amazing picture HD digital TOUCH screen(color listed above)
  • VERSA™ metal headrest posts in 10mm, 12mm, 12.7mm and 14mm sizes for a solid matching installation for any vehicle
  • 2 All-in-one wireless remote control/ game control remotes
  • 2 player two game controllers
  • 2 32bit and 8bit video game discs
  • 2 cigarette lighter power cables for quick and easy installation
  • 2 wireless headphones sized for kids for a comfortable fit
  • NOTE: Smart phone in photo not included only there for demonstration purposes
  • How to install and use your headrest DVD player DVD

Will it Fit?  (check out our 4 step fit guide here)

1)      Measure your posts to see if they are between 4.5” and 8”
2)      Measure your posts to see if they are 10mm, 12mm, 12.7mm or 14mm in diameter and will fit our VERSA™ post package
3)      Confirm if your vehicle has or does not have Active Headrest Technology.  This package is NOT designed to replace headrests for vehicles with this feature.
4)      Headrest pillow is 11.5” wide x 8.25” high x 5.5” deep.  It may be bigger than your existing headrest pillow but can still fit.

Will the Color Match? (wish to have a sample mailed to you in advance)

This model comes in 3 color choices, Tan (sometimes called beige), Grey and Black.  We list each color separately to account for inventory levels so please order from the color listing you wish to receive.

We can mail you a material sample in advance of purchasing to see if the color will match or be a close match to your vehicle interior.  If you have any doubt or concern about the color we highly recommend this option.