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You have a long family drive and looking for the perfect headrest DVD players to entertain the kids.

We know the story and assembled the information you're looking for to help find the best headrest DVD player for your vehicle and your needs.

The most popular headrest DVD player package is the Autotain Dream series introduced in 2014 by OnFair.  We love the Autotain Dream because it has the latest and greatest technology and features to help you quickly install and hit the road running.  Their packages include the "Extras" you're looking for to make for an easy installation and hours of enjoyment by the back seat passengers.

OnFair's long track record of focus on designing and selling Headrest DVD players exclusively makes them the undisputed authority for this product leaving the large mass-market retailer offering lower cost and less attractive packages in the dust.  When buying your headrest DVD players, you want to buy from someone who KNOWS the product and KNOWS your needs as their own.  OnFair is a family business in the USA started by a parent just like you looking to entertain his kids and once he discovered headrest DVD players the rest is history.  It's your turn to be part of this story, check out OnFair and take a look at the Autotain Dream models to find the perfect backseat entertainment choice for your family.

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